How to Use TikTok for Companies

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Have you heard of it? Most associate the app with young people playing on a soundtrack. But does the portal also have marketing potential? We answer these questions in this article. Here’s how:


The usefulness of TikTok for companies

Do you upload a video to YouTube, and it gets maybe 320 views in a week? It’s different with TikTok. With relatively little content and around 500 million active users, this could be your breakthrough. TikTok has been at the top of the App Store app downloads chart since late 2018. Currently, the app uses its download numbers ahead of YouTube; Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform, and the average engagement rate is 29%. To compare, this rate is 01.60% on Instagram. 09 out of 10 users even use the TikTok app several times a day. People are using it to promote their brands, and they buy TikTok views to get more eyeballs.


What Can Tiktok For Companies And Who Is The Target Group?

TikTok has been around since 2018. This year, the Chinese company ByteDance acquired the app and merged it with its own app. The result was a mix of short videos (like on the successful Vine platform), lip-sync; dances; filters and special effects; vlogging and more.

At first glance, the app looks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine combined. The app’s special thing is that it is very easy to use and is currently popular with many people. As a user, you record videos in portrait format (9:16 aspect ratio), lasting up to 60 seconds. You can then download them privately, share them with your network or share them publicly.

If the video is shared publicly, users without an account can view it, just like with the YouTube video platform. At TikTok, creative content like the following challenge is especially popular. You can discover new videos in your feed or search for hashtags.


Tiktok Direct Distribution for Companies

Another component of the app is the live broadcast. Most of the music syncing is made here. The cool thing about live streams is that users can tip artists for their performances!

TikTok users can purchase TikTok coins and thank their favorite channels. The 80% of the revenue goes to the chain, the rest to ByteDance. You simply buy coins from your app store and select a gift. You can reward video creators with freebies on TikTok. The gift goes into the recipient’s channel and appears there like a diamond. Anyone watching the live video sees that, for example, username XY gave Channel Z a panda. Channel ab worth $ 100 can withdraw the diamonds to their real bank account.

Diamonds also indicate how popular a chain is and cannot be bought.


Tiktok Advertising for Companies

It should be mentioned that ads on TikTok have been possible since this year. It is an indication that the app is gaining popularity among businesses. But let’s go step by step: who exactly uses the app and what audience do you meet there? You will learn more about this in the next section.


Tiktok For Companies: What Is The Target Group?

To find out if TikTok for Business is worthwhile, you first need to look at user statistics.

TikTok is especially popular with young people. But what exactly does “young” mean?

41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old, according to GlobalWebIndex 2019. Mediakix provides a number for US users, and 60% of active users are between 16 and 24 years old. In European countries, the share of this target group is between 48% and 65%.

TikTok first gained a reputation in China, the app’s home country. Then, it evolved in other Asian countries to end up in America and Europe. In countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, a shift in user demographics can already be observed. Here, the proportion of users aged 25 to 34 is higher than that of users aged 16 to 24!


Tiktok Tips for Businesses

New technologies are often first picked up by a young audience and, if they are successful, then they are diffused to older groups. This trend is already noticeable at TikTok. What does this mean for your business? Currently, the majority of TikTok users are still between 16 and 24 years old. This age group spends a lot of time with and on the app. It is responsible for the high number of views and engagement. It can be expected that with an increasing number of users in all age groups, the level of engagement will decrease and level off as with other social media apps. If you are a business and want to increase your following count, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers and views.

How you add Music and effects on your TikTok Videos

TikTok needs no introduction. It is a popular short video sharing social network app where you can upload any type of video including music videos, funny videos, dance videos and edit these videos in any way they see fit. That’s because it started out as a lip-syncing app, so adding sound and Music to your TikTok videos is an essential part of the video creation process. You were allowed to upload your own Music and voice directly to the app, but this feature is not any more due to copyright issue.

In this article, we will discuss how to add Music and effects on your TikTok videos.

Add Music and Effects

TikTok has a variety of special features and unique effects, including Music, that you can add them easily on your videos. It makes your videos more alluring and helps you to reach a whole new audience. If you are new to TikTok and have a handful of followers, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followersto spice up your TkTk game. People usually make lip-sync videos in musical style where users mouth the word to the famous song. It is just like you are making your music video. TikTok has a variety of copyright-free famous songs on its library. If you want to add sound or Music on your TikTok video then tap the “sounds Button”, you can easily find the button on the top of the recording screen.

  • Find any new song, trending playlist, video game music in the sound library and add them in your video. Select your favorite Music and save it by hitting the bookmark icon. You can find the icon on the right side of the song name.
  • If you want to add a song on your TikTok videos, choose the song from the library and select it by clicking the checkmark button. Return to the recording screen after loading the song, and the sounds icon will be there where the song named.

You can find TikTok effects for your videos on the right side of the screen:

  • Use front or back-facing camera by flipping.
  • You can slow down or speed up your TikTok videos that mean the speed of the frame.
  • Beauty mode improves your sink tone skin clarity and fades any skin imperfections such as dark circles, acne, blackheads and pigmentation on the screen.
  • TikTok screen filters allow you to access to a lot of different contrast levels, screen colors and more.
  • The timer is the unique feature of the TikTok; by using it, you can make video cut in real-time. This feature allows you to record a song for a few seconds, pause the song, reposition yourself and resume it from the same point where you stopped the song. Best of all, you can modify video length by using the trim feature.

You can find the effect icon on the left side of the record button where you will see gazillions effects. All you need to tap it and you can add to your TikTok video. One effect changes your face into a flower crown deer, and another effect adds background flame.


Best summer fashion trends

Fashion world have charm, craziness, coolness and a lots of colours. Trends keep changing with the new year or with the passage of time. In 80’s trends were different than 90’s so as in early 2000’s trend were different than are today. Also trends does repeat today most of the in trend fashion is the one in late 90’s. Talking about summer, trends are always fun, cool and with lots of popping colours. Summers are all about hats, glasses, sandals and beautiful colourful dresses. 2019 summer trends are also fun to wear and have a lot of colours.

Animal prints:

Animal prints are everyone favourite. Whether they are zebra, cheetah, tiger or snake prints. Wear a cool animal print button down shirt or t-shirts pair up with some classic jeans or shorts. Animal print shoes, bags and other stuff are common as well.


As told you before, trends repeat as well. And this year is a mixture of all the trends. Jumpsuits are from an old trend but this hit up this summer too. Jumpsuits give you a chic look. Either go for solid colour with large pockets and collar or a stylish silk floral print jumpsuit for a party. This summer solid colour with full sleeves and large pockets are more in trend rather than floral or check prints.

Puff shoulders:

Presenting you a chic look from 80’s the puff shoulder dresses. Go for a short dress with puff shoulder or any shirt with puff shoulders. Puff shoulders gives you an effortlessly chic look.

Black tones:

Black is not a new trend but it is a forever trend. Try your Gothic trend this summer because they are in trend and you ain’t be called old fashioned with your favourite black. Go for black shorts, ripped jeans, short dress, blazers. Go for black chic glasses and etcetera. Come out on the streets this summer with all your cool black outfits.

Lavender tones:

This summer without a doubt pick lavender tones for your perfect party or casual look. Lavender tones are effortlessly elegant. Pick a dress or wear head to toe lavender it won’t disappoint you. Giving you a perfect balanced look.

Patchy dress:

Patch work is a new trend of 2019 summer looks. With a lot of colourful and different beautiful prints the dress will give you a perfect chic look. The good thing is patch dresses are so colourful and cool that you can go for it
undoubtedly whether going for a party or occasion.

Bucket hats:

When its summer definitely this is the time for you to wear hats to protect your face from sunlight. But fashion made it stylish to wear as well. This summer go for bucket hats. Which are cute and chic to wear. Wear light coloured bucket hats with your clothes to give yourself a
perfect look.

Summer trends are cool and effortlessly beautiful to carry. Trends may come and go. But you don’t need to follow the trends. Wear whatever you love to wear and whatever make you happy. You can mix your ideas with these trends to have another beautiful look.

How to download videos from TikTok

TikTok is probably the most dynamic social of the moment. That’s why people buy Tiktok followers from Instadean to get famous on this platform. New content is published at all times, and unfortunately, it is difficult to find the best when some time has passed since publication. For this reason, some users may wish to download and keep the best clips, perhaps to share them with friends. Here, you will discover how to download videos from the young social with and without the WaterMark (the social logo).

Download videos from TikTok

The well-known social network was created and is mainly used on iOS and Android. So it is much more convenient and direct to download directly using a mobile device.

Can private videos be downloaded from TikTok?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Only public videos can be downloaded from TikTok. To date, a private video can only be downloaded by those who have published it.

Download a movie directly from the application

If you particularly like a video shared by another user, you can download it directly to your smartphone in a few steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device, then select the clip you would like to save
  2. Then make a long touch on the video of your interest, or at the bottom right on the “Share” button
  3. Finally, press on the item “Save video.”

After completing the download, it will be easy to find the video in the Gallery of your device. The downloaded videos will have the TikTok logo superimposed (in jargon “WaterMark”).

Not all videos are downloadable; some users may have blocked the option, and there is always the limit on videos set as private.

Blocking the download option is simply a workaround, but it is copyright infringement; if you take other people’s videos and upload them to other social networks. This means you are violating the rights of the owners and TikTok. The removal of the TikTok logo also represents a similar violation of rights.

If even after being informed, you still want to proceed, here are the best solutions: (iOS, Android and computers)

It is a very convenient web service that works on every platform. Just open a browser like Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS to download the videos without the need to install any app. To do this, simply:

  • open TikTok and locate the finished clip or live that we want to download;
  • Press the “Share” button and then “Copy Link “;
  • then open the website
  • Copy the address in the text box and click on the “Download” button.

If you want to keep the “WaterMark,” you have to put the check in the appropriate option.

TikTok Downloader (Android)

On the Play Store, there are many downloaders for videos from TikTok; they all work in a similar and/or similar way. We chose TikTok Downloader because it is free, practical, and can also be used with advertising. Installing the app is simple, just a few taps, it’s free on the Play Store.

Using Video TikTok Downloader is very simple, to download a video:

  • open TikTok, and locate the finished clip or live that we want to download;
  • Press the “Share” button and then “Copy Link “;
  • open the TikTok Downloader app ;
  • Paste the address in the text box and finally click on the “Download” button.

You can also switch the videos to download to the app directly through the TikTok “Sharing” menu by selecting the app directly in place, which will take the link.

TikTok Downloader is also highly appreciated because it allows you to download videos by directly removing the “WaterMark.”

4 Tech Tools for Your Aging Car in 2020

Vehicles today come with a lot of technological innovations that make the driving experience easier. These technological innovations will definitely be built the future of the automobile industry. Customers, nowadays, have become very aware of the latest tech tools.

They want to spend money to purchase something that consists of all the latest tech tools. It doesn’t happen every day that you get the chance to buy a new car.

Therefore, once you get the opportunity, you should do all the pre-purchase research and then make a purchase decision. It is important that the vehicle is user friendly and does contain enough features for its price.


Bluetooth is not just for mobile phones. Cars are now coming with the Bluetooth feature as well that provides a connection between the vehicle and your mobile phone. However, there are various compatibility issues. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your phone and vehicle are compatible with each other or not.

When you go for a test drive in your new car, you should check all the tech tools. Begin to understand how the infotainment system of the vehicle works, vehicle’s connectivity to the cloud, analyze the audio system, etc.

Connect your device to the vehicle through Bluetooth and consider making some phone calls. Check everything including the navigation system so that you don’t make a poor decision of purchasing a car whose tech features are not as good as anticipated.

Wireless backup camera

When purchasing a new car, the first and the most important consideration should be safety. Modern car technologies come with various dashboard cameras that make driving experience ten times safer.

LeeKooLuu HD 720P Backup Camera is the best wireless backup camera with night vision. It is waterproof as well as mud proof.  It can be installed on the number plate of the car. It saves drivers from a lot of dangers. You get to know about the moves of the driver behind you.

You get to see the road when you want to reverse the car at night when there’s less light. It can help you in a number of ways. People who consider safety as a priority would definitely prefer this car tech tool before purchasing a car.


This is one essential tech feature that is a must-have in every vehicle. People who are bad at remembering locations need to have access to this feature. Moreover, there are times when people want to know how to reach their destination. Navigation systems work better when connected to a cloud.

It enables drivers to know traffic-related information, and search for place where they want to arrive. Moreover, some cars also come with the latest technology of connecting your device map to the dashboard screen which is a better experience than the navigation systems.

USB Charger 

If you are a working person, taking phone calls would be necessary even when you’re on the road. You would have to check various files, browse through the internet, etc. All of this will require you to have enough phone battery. Most of the time, the phones run out of charging which could be a problem. Therefore, many cars have installed a USB charger which allows users to charge their phones while they’re driving.



Intellicast Weather App Features, Download and Reviews

Intellicast Weather App Features, Download and Reviews

Intellicast Weather App:

Today’s Intellicast weather is possibly eminent live broadcasting weather portals. This is an incredibly truthful application and gives weather forecasts in detail. Intellicast weather is a type of current weather radar that shows the current weather of all around the world. It provides the current information, and this app is very useful for travelers and those for people who want to up-date themselves by the newest current conditions.

This weather radar estimates the current location, analyzes its motion and considers the nature of hail, rain, and snow. The weather alert of rainfall, snow, and hail is signified by the color; green color is for rain, the blue color is for snow and pink color is for the type of freezing rain (hail).

download the Intellicast Weather App


         By this newest technology, you cannot only know where rain and snow are but also see that     where it’s predicted.

         With the help of this app you can see the present condition and record the temperature.

         Check the exact time of earthquakes, as well as the speed of wind and snow cover up layers.

         before coming of rainfall, flood snow and thunderstorm, this application alert and notifying you.

         This application also gives the National weather service.

Specification of Intellicast Weather App:

  • This application is free to download for every device
  • The version of this application varies accordingly to devices
  • This application is latest updated on 6 Nov 2017
  • This application is only used for android phones and support for Android 4.1 version
  • This application is developed by WSI Corp
  • You can download this application from Google Play Store
  • The size of this Application is 8.7M
  • The language of this application is English.

How to download the Intellicast Weather App:

For all devices, this application is free to download whether using Android and I-phones. If you are using Android phones you can download this app from Google Play Store, or if using I-phones, you can get from the App Store. Once you download, by using Email make an account of Intellicast. The requirement of downloading this app is that you should have an Android device of 4.0 versions.

Why useful for users:

The Intellicast weather app is very useful for users. This app provides users the information on radar, temperature, and precipitations of rainfall or snow. They also know the sea surface temperature and precipitations of national-wide weather.



Mcmoney APK for Android Download Latest Version

Mcmoney APK for Android Download Latest Version

Mcmoney is an SMS means and with the help of this tool you just receive a message on your phone and you will earn cash. The main purpose of the company Mcmoney is to get better and check worldwide communication. This application is also helping poor people to make additional earnings. Mcmoney is tremendously safe and secure for use. You will receive messages automatically, and if you don’t want to receive or see the message you just simply pay no attention to this message and don’t take any further action. In an SMS, the messages do not include any meaningful text. You will receive the message from Mcmoney once in a month and you will earn cash of $0.2 to $0.6, and it also depends on the country where you live. But there is no guarantee that you will earn $5 cash per month. You will get your money from PayPal.

Mcmoney is only working on Android devices. You will delete the text messages as quickly as you have received; there is no need to save it. If you don’t want to receive the messages you just simply need to disable the app in your phone setting. Make sure you have a proper internet connection for receiving messages. Mcmoney is the fastest route to delivering messages, companies do not send directly to your phones, it’s actually traveling from many other mobile networks and finally, you receive a message on your phone.

Specification of Mcmoney:

  • This application is free to download for every device
  • This application is only used for android phones and support for Android 3.4.2 version
  • This application is latest updated on 19 September 2019
  • This application is developed by Netherlands B.V.
  • You can download this application from Google Play Store, APK

Mcmoney APK for Android

How to download Mcmoney APK:

A Mcmoney app is easy to use. Simply you get this app from Google Play Store, download and install this application on your Android devices and verify with your current phone number. This is for the reason that the money you earn from this app is associated with the total text messages which are sent to your mobile phones. If you didn’t get the verification code, you just need to check the phone number is correct that you entered. You don’t need to make any account for this app.

 Why useful for users:

Mcmoney app is very useful for those people who have an Android phone. By this, you will get extra money at home. You don’t need anything just download this app and receives text messages and earn money. It is useful for those people who are unemployed.



Tuxler Free VPN Server Download To Hide Your IP

Tuxler, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) server, is the first-ever server to be community-powered, designed to guarantee your security by protecting your online privacy. With Tuxler, you can hike up your security, whether it is for your personal social media account or business. What Tuxler does is provide you free or premium VPN server. A VPN server makes use of end-to-end encryption to secure your communication at both ends.

End-to-end encryption is a channel of communication that is secured at each end to ensure that no third party can listen in on the private conversation. Each end of the communication is encrypted, and both sides must know the encryption key to access the conversation. With a VPN server, all traffic going through your device is directed through the VPN server, so, your actual IP address remains concealed. In particular geographic restrictions, a VPN server can hide IP address so that there is no way of identifying the original location from where you are surfing.

How is the VPN encryption implemented?

The server makes use of a tunnelling protocol to protect the data stored. Commonly used types of tunnelling protocol include:

  1. PPTP

Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol is the oldest used VPN encryption process. Although still used by some servers, it is not thought as secure enough because this code has been cracked.

  1. L2YP/IPSec

The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol uses IP security to hide IP in a more advanced and secure way.

  1. Open VPN

This encryption protocol uses OpenSSL to encrypt data.

Download Tuxler Free

How to download Tuxler to hide IP address

Tuxler can easily be set up through any browser. On any windows with a Chrome Browser, Tuxler application can be downloaded and the extension installed. Once that is done, you can choose from the packages being offered. These packages include a free VPN server, and a range of other premium packages.

Users review

Users report finding Tuxler very reasonably priced for the excellent encryption security it provides. Tuxler has provided security without any disconnection issues and negligible speed reduction. For users who used Tuxler for Geo-blocking also find this server ideal for the purpose. For people in business wanting private internet connection, Tuxler has proven to be fast, efficient, and flawless. Customers have so far been entirely satisfied with its VPN and IP hiding services from a range of free and premium packages. Tuxler strives and succeeds in meeting the requirements of their clients and satisfying them.


Right Click To Necromance by Juicy beast FREE DOWNLOAD

Right Click To Necromance by FREE DOWNLOAD

Right Click To Necromance is one of those amazing games that one just cannot stop playing. Although it is unfinished at the moment, it has gained significant popularity since it began. Juicy Beast developed this game in just 2 days at an Indie Speed Run. This is just the game for action games and arcade lovers.

The game revolves around warfare, with you being a necromancer general with an army. Your task is to use enemy soldiers to add more to your army. As a new player, you will have a very small army, to begin with, and you have to add on to it. You can do so by killing enemies, so the more you kill, the larger your army gets.

Right Click To Necromance by Juicy beast FREE DOWNLOAD

The left-click is used to move your army, while by holding down the left-key, you can select the direction you want them to go in. With the right-click, you can necromance, i.e. add people to your army. When the enemy soldiers have been eliminated, you must necromance them to make them join your army. It requires skill, deliberate thinking, and long-term planning to develop an effective strategy. With time, your army of soldiers will increase in size, and the game will keep getting better. The cartoon-like figures make it all the more appealing and fun.

Right Click To Necromance: Game Download

You can download the game simply by visiting the Juicy Beast official website. The first step to download this game is to search the name in the search bar. Once you have found the right game download, click on the download button and then install it. The game, while being downloaded, will appear at the bottom of your browser. If your clock on this before the download is complete, the game will not open, but that is not something to worry about.  Once the download is complete, you are ready to play!


User reviews

Users find Right Click to Necromance very exciting and addictive. Once you get started with your army, you don’t want to stop at all! Gamers claim that the excitement keeps on increasing ass the army gets larger, and the competition gets tough. For action-lovers and arcade fans, this game is everything they could ever have wished for. Being very user-friendly and easy-to-play, you can sit back and enjoy. The game download is simple, and controls are super easy to understand, and the fun just never ends.


Sheppards Software Download Free For Education

Sheppards Software Download Free For Education

Sheppards software developed to aid learning for students of all ages, with the help of a range of games, quizzes, activities, articles, and much more. From preschool and kindergarten to college and adulthood, all age groups can benefit from this software designed to help schools improve their teaching practices. So far, this software has been a huge success with more than 20 million visitors and totaling 5 million hours of use.

For preschool and elementary school years, activities like “animal games”, “seasons for kids”, “puzzles”, “nutrition for kids”, etc. guarantee a fun-filled learning experience with different exciting activities. Subject ranging from geography, math, and science to animals, language arts, health, and creative abilities, promise enjoyable activities for all classes. Many different schools from across the globe have successfully used these games to improve their teaching environment and make learning more enjoyable.

Sheppards Software Download Free For Education 2020

Sheppard software aims towards making learning much more memorable for students of all age groups by using visual and sound effects. They wish to challenge students with varying difficulty levels so that they continue to progress and enhance their mental abilities to the fullest.

Sheppard Software games: Education app download

This education app download is pretty simple. All you need to do is download the shareware version for whichever game you want to download by visiting the official Sheppard software website. Once it is downloaded, install it by clicking on the setup_pres.exe twice. Now open the downloaded version. Here you will be asked to give a code. The code for each game is available on the website, so when the program asks for it, give the provided code.

User reviews

Many users claim that after they stumbled on the link for one particular game, they have been using the software for all other subjects too. It is equally popular among students and teachers alike. Numerous schools have adopted the use of these games, and many students report that their learning is made much more enlightening and engaging than before. In addition to being used in the school environment, many parents find these games very beneficial in teaching their children. The best part about it is that everything is for free, and the Sheppard education app download is also extremely simple.

For many, using these games has become a routine after the first time. The variety is unlimited, and new games just keep coming!