Best summer fashion trends

Fashion world have charm, craziness, coolness and a lots of colours. Trends keep changing with the new year or with the passage of time. In 80’s trends were different than 90’s so as in early 2000’s trend were different than are today. Also trends does repeat today most of the in trend fashion is the one in late 90’s. Talking about summer, trends are always fun, cool and with lots of popping colours. Summers are all about hats, glasses, sandals and beautiful colourful dresses. 2019 summer trends are also fun to wear and have a lot of colours.

Animal prints:

Animal prints are everyone favourite. Whether they are zebra, cheetah, tiger or snake prints. Wear a cool animal print button down shirt or t-shirts pair up with some classic jeans or shorts. Animal print shoes, bags and other stuff are common as well.


As told you before, trends repeat as well. And this year is a mixture of all the trends. Jumpsuits are from an old trend but this hit up this summer too. Jumpsuits give you a chic look. Either go for solid colour with large pockets and collar or a stylish silk floral print jumpsuit for a party. This summer solid colour with full sleeves and large pockets are more in trend rather than floral or check prints.

Puff shoulders:

Presenting you a chic look from 80’s the puff shoulder dresses. Go for a short dress with puff shoulder or any shirt with puff shoulders. Puff shoulders gives you an effortlessly chic look.

Black tones:

Black is not a new trend but it is a forever trend. Try your Gothic trend this summer because they are in trend and you ain’t be called old fashioned with your favourite black. Go for black shorts, ripped jeans, short dress, blazers. Go for black chic glasses and etcetera. Come out on the streets this summer with all your cool black outfits.

Lavender tones:

This summer without a doubt pick lavender tones for your perfect party or casual look. Lavender tones are effortlessly elegant. Pick a dress or wear head to toe lavender it won’t disappoint you. Giving you a perfect balanced look.

Patchy dress:

Patch work is a new trend of 2019 summer looks. With a lot of colourful and different beautiful prints the dress will give you a perfect chic look. The good thing is patch dresses are so colourful and cool that you can go for it
undoubtedly whether going for a party or occasion.

Bucket hats:

When its summer definitely this is the time for you to wear hats to protect your face from sunlight. But fashion made it stylish to wear as well. This summer go for bucket hats. Which are cute and chic to wear. Wear light coloured bucket hats with your clothes to give yourself a
perfect look.

Summer trends are cool and effortlessly beautiful to carry. Trends may come and go. But you don’t need to follow the trends. Wear whatever you love to wear and whatever make you happy. You can mix your ideas with these trends to have another beautiful look.