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I am very happy to announce the latest version of CleanCache. CleanCache 3.0 is bigger and better than before! Now better is always a good thing but bigger in the .NET world is most definitely a bad thing.

In the designing of CleanCache 2.0 and CleanMOCache 1.0, I purposely seperated both products due to the memory footprints of each…meaning they both use up too much RAM! In combining both programs into CleanCache 3.0, the memory footprint, at times, can be quite large.

You may see CleanCache using upwards of 20+MB of RAM at times but once .NET garbage collection does kick in, the RAM usage is more along the lines of 12-13 MB.

If you are interested in reading further concerning .NET memory usage, please see this link

CleanCache 3.0 is a free (for 1 – 2 systems), very powerful Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox and Windows 2000/XP cleaner.

CleanCache 3.0 requires .NET Framework 1.1

  • Temporary Internet Files and index.dat.
  • Internet Explorer History and index.dat.
  • Internet Explorer Cookies (with selective save) and index.dat.
  • Typed URLs (with selective save).
  • Internet Explorer Form AutoComplete (using either CleanCache 3.0 built in AutoComplete deletion or by using IE’s built in function).
    Works with all Internet Explorer based browsers (shell browsers).
  • Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox/Opera cache files.
  • Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox autocomplete.
  • Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox/Opera cookies.
  • Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox saved passwords.
  • Mozilla/Netscape/Opera typed urls.
  • Recent Documents.
  • Start Run History.
  • Search History.
  • Users Temporary Directory.
  • Windows Temporary Directory.
  • Root Temporary Directory.
  • Registry MRUs.
  • Recycle Bins.
  • Clipboard.
  • Windows XP Prefetch.
  • UserAssist registry entries.
  • Windows Media Player.
  • Word Pad.
  • Microsoft Office applications.
  • Create additives to delete user specified files/directories and registry entries.
  • Automatically save cookies if they match your IE favorites.
  • Secure file deletion using single, DoD and Gutmann wiping algorithms. Files are overwritten, renamed 26 times then.
  • deleted.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Modify the appearance of CleanCache to any color.
  • Reboot or shutdown the PC after a manual clean new.
  • Command line options to run CleanCache from a .bat file new.
  • Multiple user support.


  • Selectively delete UserAssist registry entries.
  • Manage startup entries.
  • Remove invalid software entries in the Add/Remove control panel list.
  • Select files to securely wipe.
  • Delete invalid entries in the installed software registry keys.

New for version 3.2:

  • Added Default Profiles button for Mozilla/Firefox to automatically add user profiles at the press of a button
  • Support Firefox 1.5
  • Added function to uninstall programs in the Add/Remove Tools tab
  • Corrected bug where a rundll error would occur during cleaning at Windows Shutdown
  • Added Flash/QuickTime/Real Player and Sun Java as additives
  • Bug fixes – many small bug fixes…mainly dealing with the Tools programs

I wrote CleanCache 3.0 to be very unobtrusive…just set it and forget it. CleanCache 3.0 runs from the system tray and will clean after browser close, Windows start and Windows shutdown.

CleanCache 3.0 is DonateWare. This is strictly voluntary and can be of any amount. If you would like to donate to help further development of CleanCache, PCK or future programs please click on the PayPal icon.

NOTE: You do not have to donate to download or use CleanCache 3.0

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