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Intellicast Weather App Features, Download and Reviews

Intellicast Weather App Features, Download and Reviews

Intellicast Weather App:

Today’s Intellicast weather is possibly eminent live broadcasting weather portals. This is an incredibly truthful application and gives weather forecasts in detail. Intellicast weather is a type of current weather radar that shows the current weather of all around the world. It provides the current information, and this app is very useful for travelers and those for people who want to up-date themselves by the newest current conditions.

This weather radar estimates the current location, analyzes its motion and considers the nature of hail, rain, and snow. The weather alert of rainfall, snow, and hail is signified by the color; green color is for rain, the blue color is for snow and pink color is for the type of freezing rain (hail).

download the Intellicast Weather App


         By this newest technology, you cannot only know where rain and snow are but also see that     where it’s predicted.

         With the help of this app you can see the present condition and record the temperature.

         Check the exact time of earthquakes, as well as the speed of wind and snow cover up layers.

         before coming of rainfall, flood snow and thunderstorm, this application alert and notifying you.

         This application also gives the National weather service.

Specification of Intellicast Weather App:

  • This application is free to download for every device
  • The version of this application varies accordingly to devices
  • This application is latest updated on 6 Nov 2017
  • This application is only used for android phones and support for Android 4.1 version
  • This application is developed by WSI Corp
  • You can download this application from Google Play Store
  • The size of this Application is 8.7M
  • The language of this application is English.

How to download the Intellicast Weather App:

For all devices, this application is free to download whether using Android and I-phones. If you are using Android phones you can download this app from Google Play Store, or if using I-phones, you can get from the App Store. Once you download, by using Email make an account of Intellicast. The requirement of downloading this app is that you should have an Android device of 4.0 versions.

Why useful for users:

The Intellicast weather app is very useful for users. This app provides users the information on radar, temperature, and precipitations of rainfall or snow. They also know the sea surface temperature and precipitations of national-wide weather.