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Tuxler Free VPN Server Download To Hide Your IP

Tuxler, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) server, is the first-ever server to be community-powered, designed to guarantee your security by protecting your online privacy. With Tuxler, you can hike up your security, whether it is for your personal social media account or business. What Tuxler does is provide you free or premium VPN server. A VPN server makes use of end-to-end encryption to secure your communication at both ends.

End-to-end encryption is a channel of communication that is secured at each end to ensure that no third party can listen in on the private conversation. Each end of the communication is encrypted, and both sides must know the encryption key to access the conversation. With a VPN server, all traffic going through your device is directed through the VPN server, so, your actual IP address remains concealed. In particular geographic restrictions, a VPN server can hide IP address so that there is no way of identifying the original location from where you are surfing.

How is the VPN encryption implemented?

The server makes use of a tunnelling protocol to protect the data stored. Commonly used types of tunnelling protocol include:

  1. PPTP

Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol is the oldest used VPN encryption process. Although still used by some servers, it is not thought as secure enough because this code has been cracked.

  1. L2YP/IPSec

The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol uses IP security to hide IP in a more advanced and secure way.

  1. Open VPN

This encryption protocol uses OpenSSL to encrypt data.

Download Tuxler Free

How to download Tuxler to hide IP address

Tuxler can easily be set up through any browser. On any windows with a Chrome Browser, Tuxler application can be downloaded and the extension installed. Once that is done, you can choose from the packages being offered. These packages include a free VPN server, and a range of other premium packages.

Users review

Users report finding Tuxler very reasonably priced for the excellent encryption security it provides. Tuxler has provided security without any disconnection issues and negligible speed reduction. For users who used Tuxler for Geo-blocking also find this server ideal for the purpose. For people in business wanting private internet connection, Tuxler has proven to be fast, efficient, and flawless. Customers have so far been entirely satisfied with its VPN and IP hiding services from a range of free and premium packages. Tuxler strives and succeeds in meeting the requirements of their clients and satisfying them.